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Dee-Eye Instrument Preamplifier™

The Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp offers a simple solution for connecting instruments with high-impedance piezoelectric pickups to a venue’s sound system.   Any passive or active instrument pickup is supported.  

The Dee-Eye Preamp’s high input-impedance allows piezoelectric pickups to operate essentially unloaded, which results in a smooth, natural, acoustic instrument tone.  Low distortion, low noise, and generous headroom mean clear tone comes through even when an instrument is played percussively and loudly.

The Dee-Eye Preamp also works well with instruments that have magnetic pickups, such as electric guitars and electric basses.


•    Input: high-impedance, 1 million ohms, maximum 5 volts peak-to-peak level.

•    Low-impedance, balanced, XLR output, 600 ohms, will drive long cables to a mix-board.  

•    Requires XLR Phantom Power.

•    Power OK Light is on when preamp is properly powered up.

•    ¼ inch output and input for accessory loop, suitable for stomp-tuners or effects boxes or for output to on-stage guitar amps or PAs.

•    Internal filtering to reject radio-frequency interference from neon lights and cell phones.

•    Small Size: 1.25 x 1.5 x 3.75 inches.  Weight: 6 ounces.


Dee-Eye Preamp Signal Path:

•    The Instrument Input impedance is 1,000,000 ohms.

•    The Effects Loop Output impedance is less than 4,000 ohms.

•    The Effects Loop Input impedance is 4,000 ohms.

•    The XLR Output Impedance is 600 ohms.

•    Frequency response is flat from 10 Hz to 20 KHz (+/- 1 dB).


Using the Dee-Eye Preamp to simply connect your instruments to a club’s sound system:

•    Stomp Tuner is optional.

•    When you turn on the Stomp-Tuner, the XLR output to the Mix Board will be muted.


Using several effects boxes or a pedal board with the Dee-Eye Preamp:

•    Connect Effects Boxes and/or a Stomp-Tuner in series to the Dee-Eye Preamp Effects Loop.

•    Effect Boxes and/or Stomp-Tuner will affect the XLR output to the Mix Board.


Using the Dee-Eye Preamp with an on-stage Guitar Amp or Instrument PA:

•    Add any effects boxes you want in series between the Dee-Eye Preamp and the PA.

•    An XLR cable must be connected to supply Phantom Power


Using the Dee-Eye Preamp to convert a Single-Ended signal to XLR Balanced Output:

•    The Dee-Eye can also be used as a high-quality passive direct box.  The isolation transformer used in the Dee-Eye Preamp has a nearly linear response from 18 Hz to over 30 KHz.

•    Power is not required.

•    4,000 ohm input-impedance, single-ended input

•    600 ohm output-impedance, balanced output