About Fire-Eye Development...


Daren Appelt

Founder, Vice President / Chief Engineer


Daren Appelt is a retired electronics engineer.  All the products of Fire-Eye are designed by Daren and built by hand.  Raw components are purchased, the chassis are drilled, they are transported to a paint shop to be powder-coated, and then taken to a print shop to get legends. Then the mechanical components are screwed in and circuit boards are assembled.  Lastly, the connections to controls are wired and the circuit boards are mounted and connected to the controls and lights.  After a thorough test process, they are packaged and delivered to users.


Justin Jacobs

President / Director


Justin oversees overall company management, as well as contributing to design, company relations and product diagnostics.

Red-Eye Preamps are guaranteed. If anything strange happens with one, Fire-Eye Development will swap you a new one.


For Sales and Technical Support contact Daren Appelt... 

Call:  512-346-6944

daren@fire-eye.com,  justin@fire-eye.com,  sales@fire-eye.com

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