A letter from Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies... 


I exclusively perform finger-style traditional jazz on a custom made resonator guitar. This combination of musical genre and instrument selection makes sound reinforcement problematic as I perform in a band setting along with multiple wind instruments, string bass, piano, and other instruments common in an early 20th century type of jazz ensemble. My sound reinforcement needs are now completely solved with the introduction of the Red-Eye Preamplifier.

The high fidelity tone reproduction of the Red-Eye continues to amaze me - it faithfully renders my resonator's singing tone. My suffering over the shrill "tin can" type of sound that other pre-amplifiers generate is finally over. No microprocessors, no signal noise, just pure tone. Hallelujah!

The Red-Eye's operation and control features are intuitive, ingenious, and practical. There are no flashy "bells and whistles" to distract you or subtract from the product's design quality or reliability. I admire that type of design philosophy. In a band setting, my volume needs vary during a performance. The Red-Eye offers an effortless and adjustable hands-free volume "boost" feature. That is the exact feature, implemented in the exact way that I have been longing for in a pre-amplifier! Thank You!

Battery replacement is extremely infrequent since the power needs of the unit are very low. If needed, the Red-Eye can be phantom powered --yet another great and practical idea. With the Red-Eye, I no longer have to carry 120VAC/DC power adapters.

I like rugged equipment that can withstand the rigors of travel, stage accidents, and my own clumsiness. I have accidentally dropped my Red-Eye from high distances onto concrete an untold number of times, liquids have spilled on it, everything you could imagine has happened to it. Any one of these events has destroyed other pre-amplifiers I used to own. The Red-Eye has withstood all of this abuse and continues to work just like it was new.

The Red-Eye Pre-Amplifier represents an insightful, practical, and refreshing approach to pre-amplifier design. It is obvious that the expert Fire-Eye Development engineering team espouses high fidelity, high quality, and robust design and this marriage is readily evident in their products. Using the Red-Eye and interacting with the Fire-Eye Development team is a truly rewarding, pleasurable, and refreshing experience. The customer service support offered by the Fire-Eye development team is absolutely outstanding.


I love my Red-Eye Preamplifier and I am very grateful to Fire-Eye Development for the creation of this wonderful product.


-Frank L. Devine, resonator guitar - Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies